Little things we once adorned Cravings and much more.. Through cross ways and hinges, We set sail miles and miles To be left back, to not meet; To be departed at crossroads happened as destined.. To move on is the key.. Yet the beauty of it once shared and craved for Still remain, enticing. Thoughts are … More Acceptance

Are we happy??

Is there a state of complete happiness?? How many of us are profoundly satisfied and contend with life?Happiness may not always seem to come from the well-being of self; a lot of it is dependent on the well-being of others as well. When the world rejoices, we too rejoice.. There is a thin line between … More Are we happy??

She left….

I always had a great belief, conviction, and faith in my buddy… that she will be there at my side… always, forever! But, sometimes, things change in your life drastically forever.. we’ll rarely have a say…and nothing much can be done. One fine day, she stopped texting me, did not bother to attend my calls. … More She left….

I Feel….

At the end, faith is all that we need. A sincere effort to tackle our greed.. Why are we always behind this rat race? When we can be equally good at our own pace.. Just to stress the fact of life That the fittest are the ones who survive. I want to do things my … More I Feel….

A bliss

Life is all a bliss A sweet gentle kiss Urging one to elope with all its memories to be cherished for centuries, A life eternal, ethereal, Subtle and colorful… Love, laughter and care If it’s all that you could spare.. Come comrades all along As in they belong here within one, A whole. Isn’t life a … More A bliss