How would would each of us recollect our childhood?? However distinctly we try to put it, there is always a vital part in it which we can never miss to describe: Our school, teachers and all its goodness. We always have a tender and soothing feeling when we travel all those years back, sometimes making … More ABCD…


Little things we once adorned Cravings and much more.. Through cross ways and hinges, We set sail miles and miles To be left back, to not meet; To be departed at crossroads happened as destined.. To move on is the key.. Yet the beauty of it once shared and craved for Still remain, enticing. Thoughts are … More Acceptance

Being busy?

What is it like to really be busy? I dont have enough clue as to how time slips by these days, with many things done or half done and a mighty lot to proceed with at the earliest… However stressful they seem, we somehow land up with just enough energy to get things done… And of … More Being busy?

Are we happy??

Is there a state of complete happiness?? How many of us are profoundly satisfied and contend with life?Happiness may not always seem to come from the well-being of self; a lot of it is dependent on the well-being of others as well. When the world rejoices, we too rejoice.. There is a thin line between … More Are we happy??