My Thank You Note: 

I am very much grateful and thankful for –
Having parents that care for me
Having some nice people around to be with
Having a healthy body and mind
Having food to eat EVERY single day
Having a comfortable place to live
Being able to connect to people
Having money to spend
Being able to think and do things my way
And the many more joys that go unnoticed but if not for which my life would never be the same way.


Let’s take a moment. Take stock of the many treasures and bounties that we seem to enjoy everyday.
Now Breathe. SMILE.
We have been VERY darn lucky. Aren’t we? The simple fact that I am able to share my thoughts here and that some nice people are gifted with vision to read it is a priceless gift in itself.

Everything may not be perfect as we wish for. But having gratitude for all the things going on well with our lives makes all the difference.
We cannot always do much for situations which are irreversible. Nevertheless, we can come with some little tricks to tackle our responses to those situations just so that its impact on our lives are at a minimum.

For this new year, I wish for myself and for others to be gifted with a smile.. A smile to face every situation – the ones both sweet and sour with equal grace.

So, folks never wait too long waiting for that perfect moment to smile. Now is the time. Just smile and spread the smiles through the years.

Happy New Year!

P.S. I know I am a bit late for the new year wish.. Better late than never.. isn’t it?? I had typed this on Jan 1st but did not post it because I was too lazy to read and feel satisfied about the content 😛 (However, today I thought I better post it for the simple fact that I may not find that perfect moment ever 😀 .. Well u get the irony, don’t you?? :P)


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