How do you express yourself?

Having a dog is often looked upon as an amusement mostly by kids. We had few guests home the other day. It was a family with two kids. The younger one came to my room for having a glance of my doggy (Tom)! Tom is quite wierd for the fact that he doesn’t appreciate kids.. Maybe it is his insecurity or rather the fear of parting with all the attention and love which is his sole claim.

So, while this girl around 12 years of age approached him, he wasn’t quite pleased.. A wave of barks and grumble followed. I let her know that it might be due to his bad mood that he behaves that way. She didn’t budge at his tantrums.. She stood there gazing at him, questioning me his routines, my hobbies, explaining her interests and talking on nearly a dozen other things which weren’t even relevant.. I patiently listened, explained and answered wherever needed..

Among the many questions she asked, this was apparently some food for thought for me..

The girl: Why do u talk to Tom so much? Does he understand?
Me : Of Course he does!! (Sigh)
The girl: How do you know?
Me: I know he does from the way he responds.
The girl: Oh is it? Then why doesn’t he talk back to you?
Me: Well.. As far as I know, dogs don’t talk.. Only parrots do! (This time quite irritated, but of course that emotion can’t be expressed)
The girl: Ok. But it would be nicer if he could speak.
Me: Hmm (Oh my, It’s best I change the topic)

That innocent thought of the child irritated me initially, but later helped me introspect. Animals can hear us, see us, feel us and reciprocate our love more selflessly than what we give them. They however don’t talk to us.. They are not gifted with one of the best communication tools- speech!

We are blessed for having the freedom of expression of our thoughts. What do we make out of it? Even after having got this opportunity to express ourselves through words both oral and written, we yet fail at reciprocating our emotions the right way. Some things are forever left unsaid and thereby never conveyed. The worst is when we have said more than what is needed; when those words were harsh on others and were hurt beyond repair. We need to essentially strike a balance with the two. Those who succeed are smart indeed!

So.. How do you convey yourself?
Do share.. I am listening.. 🙂


Please let me know what you feel.....

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