With a pinch of ease :)

There’s so much suspense in being!
The thrill of confronting fears
Peace at finding solutions
Joy at reconciling lost friendships
Satisfaction at having learned better lessons
To live through passions we once thought
would never return…
To let go focus on priorities
Yet having faith to recoup!
On being scolded, only to be loved
To fall down only to rise
It’s the ardor and passion to LIVE
Life would never be as enjoyable
Had it been rather too easy..


6 thoughts on “With a pinch of ease :)

  1. Kollaamm.. Its nicee.. Really nice. I had to read it 4-5 times to understand each line.. Somewat okke manasilayii..

    Great work!!. Keep it up.. Keep going…

    Sent from my Windows Phone

    1. It’s a stab for me too πŸ˜›
      CA Final preparations are the only excuse I have for not finding time for anything else πŸ˜› .. Well, that’s a silly excuse πŸ˜€ ..
      My writing and reading had been on a very long and indefinite pause for no reason.. Planning to make up for it in small ways from now on.. (My exams are not over yet.. November is waiting for me :P)
      How have you been? So good to read your blog.. There seems to be a lot to catch up!!

      1. I have been doing great. Mainly because of the blog. I stayed away from this place for a long time and realised that it wasn’t worth it. In fact after I gave my first attempt, I became more active. The failure blows were sort of compensated by the fruits of blogging. πŸ™‚

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