How would would each of us recollect our childhood?? However distinctly we try to put it, there is always a vital part in it which we can never miss to describe: Our school, teachers and all its goodness. We always have a tender and soothing feeling when we travel all those years back, sometimes making us smile, letting us wipe away those tears of sadness and joy.. Of the shared happiness and warmth of feelings, hopes and dreams…
Years later, we may still be profoundly engrossed with thoughts at the mere mention of our school, teachers and all the richness we enjoyed back then…
As I recollect my days, school is something which always tops the list. What gives me the thought of school being so special? I have always wondered..  It is but with pride that I say that I loved all my teachers (Of course, with very few exceptions)..Yes, I was naughty but I had my limits.. we all do.. The soothing feeling those memories lend keeps us going even now..
Teachers come in different shades.. all of them may not seem to be equally friendly and compatible, they have their colours, differences, specialties and even strange similarities when it comes to annoying us with home works and assignments… Yet we loved them, cared for them and obeyed them, not only out of fear and respect, but strangely also because we loved them in a special way… quite a distinct kind of relationship…
From that little girl who could barely understand this sophisticated language and accents of English to what I have learned through the years is a priceless treasure for me to cherish always; certainly through the efforts of my dearest teachers and friends. I joined school directly to Standard one and didn’t know a word in English back then. I didn’t know how to communicate with my peers, nor could  understand the language written on the board by the teachers. I was  good at math and that’s how I managed the admission according to the true accounts of my parents! Now, however I managed to get into that institution didn’t prove to be of any importance as the days passed and to frankly admit, I was a disaster out there, had some miserable days in the class without understanding anything that was going on.. My class teacher- The very strict and daring Mrs. Jennifer took all the pain in translating everything taught in class in my mother tongue through other kids with similar native places. She was not at all daring for my eyes, was infact angelic and the most passionate soul who really wanted me to excel.. Life continued like that for few months and I soon started picking up well and managed talking and writing in an amiable manner. Things came out to be pretty good, I was soon turned to be one among the others and managed it well ever since.
At this point of time, when I recollect those days, it gives me a strange feel of gratitude to that teacher, to all my fellow classmates who all took the effort to give me a pleasant experience in my initial days.. Infact those were the very first steps of this never ending journey through which we learn something new every single day.. The art of helping others, even though in a very small and insignificant way may make everlasting impressions and imprints in our mind we take all along..
Even if we may not be able to make other’s life better off , let’s all at least make a small effort in the direction of not troubling others intentionally through our words and deeds. And that’s a piece of thought which just dawned upon me of late! Life is a teacher in itself!

2 thoughts on “ABCD…

  1. Nice article. What I liked most were your words “Even if we may not be able to make other’s life better off , let’s all at least make a small effort in the direction of not troubling others intentionally through our words and deeds”.
    Thank you.

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