Brutal accounts, but why??

What is it that warrants these monsters to act in an abashed manner towards women??
Let’s look at the so called causes as to what provokes such deadly and inhuman attacks, rapes and other immoral activities towards the women of our country…
Is it the lack of education and understanding which weakens their role in the society to fall prey to these demons? Well, I think that’s a story of the past.. Today’s women are fast equipped with knowledge and skills in par with any of her male counterparts… Yet she is biased, accused and eaten raw by this society…
Or Is it her dressing?
Yes… You feel so?? Would not a person who is determined to rip off her clothes succeed in his mission irrespective of the fact as to whether she had dressed modestly or vulgarly..??Now here comes the next task of pin pointing as to what s modest and differentiate the vulgarity… Is our traditional sari a decent wear? It is one of the most provoking dresses if we were to think of it in such terms… Wearing a sari exposes your stomach, cleavage, back and the very look in that dress makes one seem fragile, an easy catch!!  .. A simple point that I wish to make is- It is not what you wear that triggers such incidents… The societal norms may or may not be followed.. In either ways, when something like a rape is reported, to blame a girl for the dress she has worn is the most lamest thing to do, it demoralizes the already undermining qualities still existing in our society whatsoever…
After an analysis of what we often get to hear and see, what gives enough explanation to all theses eventful episodes is the simple fact that our society is very low on morals and values. People are in fact mentally handicapped, often fueled with the easy poisoning of their system through alcohols, drugs, porn videos and the like… And astonishingly, most of them don’t even realize the real impact of their deeds… Often, illiteracy may also prove to be a factor when we go through the facts of recent accounts of the rapes that are reported.. but again, it is no enough justification to their ills!
An appraisal of such events often gives the others enough detail to ponder upon the misshapennings with better understanding, but what we often fail to understand are the value of tears that never can be wiped, the unending grief and sorrow, the irreversible plight of the girls and women involved and most importantly the social outlook towards them… they will always be confronted to stares and sarcasms, even though the fault was never theirs.. This unending misfortune is what is going to guide them up to their graves… This social stigma associated with rape victims must soon change.. More than our sympathy which proves to be of no use, they need understanding, acceptance and love…

To live in today’s world is like daring yourself to tackle and tune wicked monsters and scavengers.. And if you manage scraping through a day safely unaffected, then all I can say is you were lucky enough to make it!!

There can be umpteen number of brutal and cold ways of prosecuting and punishing these men; from castration to hanging the list goes on… But, let’s more easily and conveniently adopt and think of ways and means with which we can stop such unfortunate events…
Let us preserve some morality, some goodness and hope to maintain sanity around.. For the simple fact that we still belong to the human race must not for once seem odd enough through such merciless and pitiful happenings.. Let’s preserve and endure the quality of life for everyone around us…  Let’s try making an effort… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Brutal accounts, but why??

  1. Let’s try making an effort… Well put. Coming out on to the streets to ensure punishment for those low lives is a short term solution – thank goodness that effort is ongoing. Wonder what we can do long term to ensure our democracy works and the quality of life improves for everyone around us

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