That’s Life, is it??

A tinge of sorrow and grief
spread among the subdued masses..
A faint tint of joy through my lost hopes;
Of the woman I saw I would once be;
Never once did I covet or yearn for the mighty . .
Yet this was what it was meant to be!
To scythe and mow my body,
my inner self and soul..
This predicament, the unfortunate state off loss and despair..
Could have been yours as well..
How could we happily walk past such traumatizing incidents?
Without being infuriated with such menacing acts?
Not that we can transform her as in before..
Nor to give her the justice which is her right!
Atleast, in as much as we see a little child, a wife, a mother or atleast an acquaintance in her..
Aren’t we dutybound to make a tiny difference?
Let one act of empathy and care define us;
beyond our rational minds, way beyond our never ending quest and greed for power and wealth.
Let us all stand up to inflict this simple thought
onto our lawmakers for the lawbreakers..
After all, is it so difficult to just ACT for a CAUSE??
.. To treat a woman with the glory she so deserves??


5 thoughts on “That’s Life, is it??

  1. Beautiful sentiments. And what a heartbreaking incident!
    Our society needs to do far more than punish these monsters you know. Our priorities, our values are all messed up. Religion is more about rituals rather than worship, morality is based on how you dress rather than how you behave, your standing in society is judged by what you own rather than your work! Sex is taboo, but young boys get bombarded with titillating media. What can we expect from a society like this? I fear that even hanging this lot is not going to change anything.
    The ‘culture’ that India keeps brandishing, has to undergo a sea change first.

    1. Yes Madhu… Our society needs to change for good…
      Justice needs to find its way into the lives of people…
      India is in its awakening mode, and the the wave of change is taking its way through a change in the outlook of the people…

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