Are we happy??

Is there a state of complete happiness?? How many of us are profoundly satisfied and contend with life?Happiness may not always seem to come from the well-being of self; a lot of it is dependent on the well-being of others as well. When the world rejoices, we too rejoice..

There is a thin line between greed and ambition; when the former takes over the latter, life takes a turn in the opposite direction. There is no end to our greed. We can never be at peace with others and ourselves when we aren’t satisfied with what we have at hand. Life has a lot to give us. The downpours may not always be welcoming, but whatever they might be, you will be a person a lot more wiser from what you previously were!

The difference between the ones seen successful with an added light to their personality is on how well they learn from their experiences; whether it be good or bad… As i recollect someone’s apt words- “Life throws at each of us equal opportunities, the difference lies in what we make out of it”.

There are times we feel low, confused and sad; what we often fail to understand is that there are people with even worse situations fighting out the odds in a much better way… “When I was crying for a pair of new shoes, I saw a man with no legs”- That single situation would change our negative attitude dramatically.. Happiness is infact a concept of relativity… When we look out to the starving millions, we wouldn’t have the heart to complain for a missed meal…

Let ourselves be happy and cheerful, and with each passing day, add the others as well to your little circle of joy; you will reap more than you sow… Spread the smiles.. You will always be better off!!


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