Had I been….!!!

Her care and silent prayers
Open criticisms and themes of love..
She cuddles and pampers,
hugs and kisses,
scolds and screams..
Both sweet and sour..

Oh my, Is there any other soul with the patience and gentility of our mommy? How often do we realise or care to accept and recognise their unconditional and selfless love..
Our lives are perfumed with her love… that eternal bonding is cemented with the nectar of never ending outpours of love and togetherness, of smiles and whimpers, sadness and joy…

What If?? IF…. I was in her place… How would things be then?

I really do not know how good a mother I will be… But there are some sure promises to my prince charming/little princess…
I will be the type of mommy who would let you spent your childhood days with lots and lots of games and fun-filled activities, not merely books and notes.. I promise I shall never pester you to Study…
Unlike most kids of our present times, you will live in a family where your parents spend enough time with you everyday… We will live in a HOME, not just simply a HOUSE.
You will not live in a family of commotion and emotional drawing.. I promise. You shall live in peace…
I will try my level best to put you up through little morals, to be empathetic. I want to see you as a better human being.. Not a money maker..
You have all your freedom to chose your path.. whether it be your career, religion or your soulmate.. Things will be purely left to your discretion…
I can only teach you the right and wrong in your initial days… Rest is your choice, a matter of your sole perception..
Life shall not always be fair and just as we know it… I will be always there by your side to smile and rejoice in your victory and moreover comfort and caress you in your pitfalls and downturns.

I will have faith in you my dear… Always.. my love for you will be such…


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