You are special :)

A myriad of emotions drapes me always with contenting and heart-filling words like these of my buddies.. Couldn’t wait to share this little piece of joy..

The magical effect of words, the subtle way it affects our lives and the fusion of extraordinary happiness that gives its way to make that person even more special is the light to walk through each passing milestone…

Here it Goes….
“As sweet as your words are the ballads of friendship you pen in our ages;
sung through my voice always gives it a privilege to be read,
remembered and remained in our hearts forever…
Cheers for the charm of the care in the love of your heart..
Together now, then, and always.. Long live thy friendship…”

As someone rightly said, Life isn’t always about the big things… A combination of a million little things is what adds beauty and charm to the essence of it.. The epiphany of relationships….
Lets all foster and kindle its spirits in our hearts and set to fire our earnest love and care for one another… After all, we live for such light and lively moments of happiness and ecstasy…


Please let me know what you feel.....

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