Are we happy??

Is there a state of complete happiness?? How many of us are profoundly satisfied and contend with life?Happiness may not always seem to come from the well-being of self; a lot of it is dependent on the well-being of others as well. When the world rejoices, we too rejoice.. There is a thin line between … More Are we happy??

Had I been….!!!

Her care and silent prayers Open criticisms and themes of love.. She cuddles and pampers, hugs and kisses, scolds and screams.. Both sweet and sour.. Oh my, Is there any other soul with the patience and gentility of our mommy? How often do we realise or care to accept and recognise their unconditional and selfless … More Had I been….!!!

You are special :)

A myriad of emotions drapes me always with contenting and heart-filling words like these of my buddies.. Couldn’t wait to share this little piece of joy.. The magical effect of words, the subtle way it affects our lives and the fusion of extraordinary happiness that gives its way to make that person even more special … More You are special 🙂

Am back :)

Life is all about expectations. A firm conviction and belief can altogether take us to different levels, to ways we never knew even existed. Nothing is permanent. Nothing right, nothing wrong… As goes the saying “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”… Everything around us is a matter of perception.. Every little thing seems … More Am back 🙂