The whispers from nowhere

A piece of writing dated back a few years… One written just to ease the pressure I was experiencng then ……..
My head is held low with several conflicting ideas;
I whimpered with the words they spoke.
No tranquillizer did ever help me feel calm,
I stay still under every opposition.
Their discourteous words left my heart shrunken.
My autistic presence made them remarkably authoritative,
The flair of my thoughts is lost in the flagrancy that beholds me.
My heart wandered through all these awful evils….
Then, a soul resembling a paranormal gesture approached me,
I was paralyzed with the gentility it projected.
It pacified my emotions and mitigated the evils of my awful thoughts,
Its resignation was however now correctly justified.
So, do simplify the judgments you make,
As it is this factor which will stimulate your true worth.
A time will come for one and all,
The resolution you make is the factor that counts…

7 thoughts on “The whispers from nowhere

    1. The worst part is when we cant’t really counter the others in the exact manner we want, or rather they chose not to accept it the way it is… Either case, we are left humiliated with our frustration at its heights!

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