She left….

I always had a great belief, conviction, and faith in my buddy… that she will be there at my side… always, forever! But, sometimes, things change in your life drastically forever.. we’ll rarely have a say…and nothing much can be done.

One fine day, she stopped texting me, did not bother to attend my calls. I was left baffled without knowing the reason… This continued for about a week. All this was after I relocated to the new city where I currently live.. Then from my other friends, I just came to know that its only with me that she left contact. The feeling I went through when I heard it from them is inexpressible.. Oh God..!! It left me shocked.. But why?? That was the only question I had in mind… I left her one message to which I expected her to reply.. But she dint.

A week later from those same friends, I came to know that it was not completely her fault and that it’s because of her family situations that she was abstaining from contacting me. I somehow felt really convinced and thought that the present situation will change.

All these days, every time time my phone rang, I would just go rushing towards it expecting her call and would only be left disappointed. However, recently I learned that she is active in Facebook for the past two days (all this while, her account was inactive). And suddenly everything seemed so clear… She had resumed everything and it was indeed an express behaviour for letting me know that she was not interested in our friendship anymore.. I felt a wave of shock. Why did she do it to me? At least I deserved to know what my fault was…

She left at a time I least expected it… I’m still shocked… She will have her explanations in plenty. I do not want to blame her or find fault with for what she did to me. She will have her own reasons, I can understand….

Just a note… I may not be able to relive our friendship without its recent flaws, but I always had some great time with you.. And I loved you as a person and as a friend.

After all the things that have left us in two directions, I only find it apt that we both go our way… I wish you all the very best wherever you go and in whatever you do… Be happy always… My wishes…


20 thoughts on “She left….

  1. Real friends stay – whatever, wherever and however and fake just walk away – when u r down or when they get bored of their own acting.

    Take her friendship – if at all, u can call it so – as a lesson for life and move on.. You deserve much better.. 🙂 Cheers 😛

    1. Thank you Jo… I love all my friends. Eventhough not many, I can always count on those amazing people, who have always stayed by my side not ever wishing for a gain.
      However, incidents like this have left me hurt and troubled for quite sometime, but I am living through it because like how you just mentioned, maybe I dint deserve it… Life has to go on, na!!
      Cheerss 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I can understand what you must be going through, it’s tough, very rough and painful.
    But life changes course only to take us to better avenues….hope you feel better soon 🙂

    1. Yes dear.. I too hope for the best.. I’m alot better now.. I have already accepted it completely, so its way easier to bear…
      Thanks once again dear… *HUGS* 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. A friendship is indeed a precious happening. And to lose a friend without known reason is upsetting. I guess we can try and come to terms with the situation by accepting ‘what is’! 🙂
    Good wishes to you.

    1. Thanks Dilip.. Life did teach me lessons both sweet and sour.. I have had experiences from both sides..
      So, still better to cope with such bitterness from time to time..
      I only have my prayers for her.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Heartfelt, daffodil. True friendships never die – the ones who we leave or they leave us are those that are the greatest teachers for it only extends one’s strength and not depletes – even when it hurts the most. Take this part of life as a “blessing in disguise” — this line you may know in time when it no longer hurts.
    the fact you wish the other with good wishes reveals a sense of grwoth already, don’t be hard on yourself. Stay blessed.

    1. Thanks dear.. Yes, i’m perfecting the art of taking everything in life as a “blessing in disguise”.
      I think if the relation is over for no explicit cause from our side, the only thing we can possibly do is just to be patient enough to hear from that person if at all they are willing to speak. And if they wish to be silent forever, what else do we do??
      Everyone cannot mingle with one another in the same fashion… Time and situations all matter, and sometimes it tends to work out, sometimes they don’t… Well, I think I ought to take this particular friendship of mine as such…(even though its coupled with various other factors not known to me yet, I feel better thinking about it this way)
      Relations of any kind for that matter teaches us a lot… And after few bitter and cold experiences, we are only left with more wisdom from our experiences… Not all petals wither away with the storm, some do stay and I’m more than happy with those clinging around me… And of course never to forget the beauty they offer 🙂 🙂 🙂
      **HuGs** Thanks alot once more… 🙂

  5. I can totally totally relate to how you feel here.. for I have also gone through the same.. a few years back.. its at least feels better to know where we have flawed.. when there is nothing but silence, it hurts a lot.. hugs! hugs dear!

    My friends stopped talking to me all of a sudden (all this when we were in college 3rd year) I would see her everyday.. but not talk to her.. she would talk to everyone in the class except for me.. it took me an year to come to terms with it.. And when we finished college.. things got back normal.. I mean, she stayed in touch with me.. but its never the same.. I have a deep scar in my heart.. Till date, I am unsure what made her silent for 2 years… in between.

    1. Hey dear.. I can understand the feeling for your lost friendship.. The pain such incidents cause is more than what words could possibly explain or heal.., And to just double the effect, we only find ourselves even worse when that person leaves us mid-way in utter silence pushing us into a vacuum…. Only questions around,,, and no answers of any sort!!
      But for sure, they are good teachers and stopping by such incidents equips us better to fight our way out when stormed into pressure for various reasons…
      As of now, I have recovered almost completely from its effects… No regrets but somehow the thought of it gives me a little pain (which I have tactfully not disclosed to anyone much and there lies a paradox)….
      As is said and expected, everything heals with TIME….
      Cheers… Keep smiling!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. ignoring is worse than hating. Your feelings here are felt b anyone who has the capcity of friendship. pray that she will at least let you know that she hates you, then you will know she at leats notices you as you do still. move on and learn.

    1. Yes.. That’s what even I earnestly hope… We get to learn from different things and this will surely be one such experience which I can never let go… EVER!
      All we can do is to just move on with a smile… *cheers* 🙂

  7. Thanks for dropping by my blog, and sorry to hear about your situation with your friend. If it’s any consolation, I think “active friends” change a lot in life, depending on where you’re living and where you’re working. On the bright side, that helps filter your friends… because you tend to only keep in touch with the ones who really care when you switch groups.

    1. That’s very true Drew.. And by far even I have come to the same level of thought… The sweetness and warmth of relations are kept alive even when apart when they touch our souls…
      Thank you once again for dropping by… Welcome here 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. I know what this means. too well in fact. Sometimes it leaves us thinking whether frenz leave coz of some flaws in us. but life has to move on & so do we. 🙂

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