I do not know

He came, and then he went.

Never cared to explain,

Never tried to convince

Am I the one who broke him?

The warmth once shared,

The days that we cared

Only lighting its presence

With my eyes so true

 I still lay in thought,

So long since then..

The pain of departing,

The tears of separation

 We turned away that day

I found our eyes wet,

A goodbye for good

 Was all that we said.

 Nothing was reason enough

But it all once mattered

Trust once broken

Dreams once shattered

When emotions were rather

Just a feeling so tender

What i could never believe

Was the bonding

Once together

Two broken bits,

Two left apart lives.

If only I could tell

That my love wasn’t FAKE!!


17 thoughts on “I do not know

    1. hm.. what to do yaar… Life tricks you like this… I could not understand my real interests then..
      Now, even though I badly want to quit.. I’m only getting even more tangled in this cobweb…
      SIGH 😦

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comment, through which I have now discovered your sphere! A very heartfelt poem — poignant and truth of the heart. Love is such….
    Keep in touch! Cheers.

    1. Thanks once again for dropping by… 🙂
      I’m really glad you liked it… 🙂
      Hope we can see more of each other in the days to come in our world of virtual reality…
      Happy blogging.. I think I’m in total adoration for your writing skills… 🙂

      1. My dear, you are always welcome to my blog! Very kind of you to adore my writings, but, my journey would be incomplete without the inspiration from people like you.
        khush rahain dost.

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