I’m happy… :)

Relocating to a new city.. new life, different people, work culture and atmosphere…
GOD!! The list goes on forever if I was to point out the difficulties I faced during this transitional phase.. I’m however fortunate enough since I did have few buddies who assisted me in the process all along…

What would life be after all, if we dint have such amazing people around us?? The Happy faces teaming around you to make you happy as well!! What a delightful moment that is… And yes… even though a few, they are all precious and I love them…
They did scold me through my mistakes, took the pain of correcting it with their priceless advises and stood by me through the hard times, giving me the smile of reassurance.. Then did I know that making mistakes were not all that bad, that correcting them made me brighter and better!
Not that everything is as easy as a straight line, but I am happy taking my chance, ‘m happy making mistakes, learning from all that I do, from all that I see and experience… The new city girl is now all settled for her life here.. and always welcoming and happy to take her chance to explore her life as and when it unfolds… Always welcoming!!

All cheers to my buddies… With just a hope that the warmth of friendship be kept alive forever… <3….


10 thoughts on “I’m happy… :)

  1. Cool
    City girl
    what a city..
    making mistakes ,part of lyf,
    nt listning b4 cmtin into sumthing is nt mistake
    its al gud nw..
    Evrything in lyf has sum meaning
    as its goes “sambhavami yuge yuge”
    sabhavichathum sambvikunathum eni sambhavikan pokunathum nalathinu mathram

    1. Oh,,, I am more than happy!!
      I’m glad you dropped in to my world of thoughts..
      Just delighted for getting such blessed souls around me…I know You are and will always be!!
      Thank you Jish…

    1. Yes.. I’m settled here… I still have to get gelled with the people.. I have my own limitations at various things, yet I can only find myself happier and better… Its more likely due to the change in my attitude from what I previously had..
      After nearly a year of struggle and tension, I have resumed my life, and its only with the help of some amazing people at my side… My problem was theirs as well… And the reassurance given by those souls were what I counted on during all my hard days… 🙂
      Atlast… once again with more firmness.. I’m Happy 🙂

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