I Feel….

At the end, faith is all that we need. A sincere effort to tackle our greed.. Why are we always behind this rat race? When we can be equally good at our own pace.. Just to stress the fact of life That the fittest are the ones who survive. I want to do things my … More I Feel….

Air & Vacuum

 On a quest to ponder myself.. Interests long lost and never cherished, The roads never walked upon, The feelings never experienced. Time flickered away fast, Leaving me in thought… And still drenched in thoughts. Haven’t yet realised time ticking, Moments flickering. But there is a come back for sure. I do believe in second chances… … More Air & Vacuum

A bliss

Life is all a bliss A sweet gentle kiss Urging one to elope with all its memories to be cherished for centuries, A life eternal, ethereal, Subtle and colorful… Love, laughter and care If it’s all that you could spare.. Come comrades all along As in they belong here within one, A whole. Isn’t life a … More A bliss

Satyamev Jayate

Satyamev Jayate

My friends, this is one show which I have been watching regularly.. And I must say, this is the only one which has really touched me from all the junk that I have been watching till date… 
A note of thanks would just not be enough to thank this wonderful man- Aamir Khan for the priceless efforts he has taken to bring up this show …
I think India and the world at large needs to change…
In fact, WE have to change… It must start with us first…

More Satyamev Jayate

I do not know

He came, and then he went. Never cared to explain, Never tried to convince Am I the one who broke him? The warmth once shared, The days that we cared Only lighting its presence With my eyes so true  I still lay in thought, So long since then.. The pain of departing, The tears of … More I do not know

I’m happy… :)

Relocating to a new city.. new life, different people, work culture and atmosphere… GOD!! The list goes on forever if I was to point out the difficulties I faced during this transitional phase.. I’m however fortunate enough since I did have few buddies who assisted me in the process all along… What would life be … More I’m happy… 🙂

Hello world!!!

Something I have always wanted.. It’s been quite some time since I’ve thought of starting a blog…  I want to just fulfil my wish to write, sometimes even the junk inside has an urge to come out of its shell. And now that I have got an apt platform, I wish I can pen down … More Hello world!!!